Village Groups

Village Groups Are:

    • Small groups comprised of Eden Village family members, and those who are not a part of Eden Village, who live in different areas throughout the city of Savannah and gather together to assist one another in understanding the teachings of Christ.
    • Contingent for convenient location and assembly. People living in any part of Savannah are able to choose a specific Village Group and meet in close proximity to where they live, at a designated time and place.
    •  Involve followers of Jesus, but are open to everyone. All are invited to join and learn about the preachings and tutelage of our Savior. 
    • Places of refuge where people can feel free and safe to be honest, transparent, and authentic, as well as speak loving and encouraging words toward one another without judgment.
    • The primary way we will be the church in Savannah.


Village Groups Will:

  • Work to engage each other with the gospel as we seek to live and fulfill this glorious news in our daily lives. The gospel informs us that a Holy God loves sinful people (all of us) and is willing to sacrifice His only begotten son to rescue us, motivated by nothing other than goodness and grace. Eden Village wants to encourage one another to quit justifying ourselves by performance, and rather, rest in the finished work of Christ on the cross. The gospel speaks into the details of our lives and should color all we do. As human beings, we are prone to forget God’s true message. We need and depend on one another for daily reminding of this great message.
  • Be the hands and feet of Jesus in Savannah. With the help of God’s grace, we will work toward serving our city by seeking to love those in our neighborhoods, no matter race, religion, creed, or social standing, in practical ways. We will serve those who need serving as we minister mercy to whomever we can reach.
  • Meet on a regular basis in different areas throughout the city, and in the various homes of those who are willing to host.
  • Eat meals together at Village Group meetings, as well as pray together, love one another, and review the epic story of God. Village Groups also pledge to work toward engaging our city as missionaries.


Village Group Types:

    1. Pioneer Village Groups

      Pioneer Village Groups are built around common interests or shared affinities. This type of group provides us the opportunity to engage with those who are in our community via a medium already in place, and in a natural manner. Because Pioneer Village Groups are formed around varied hobbies, interests, and affinities (sports, books, craft beer, et cetera), the objective is to pioneer new relationships with other like-minded and passionate people, and pursue them through the Gospel.


      Each pioneer group has certain specifications and requirements to join due to the unique missional objective the group is pursuing. These specifications and requirements are important to note. In addition, pioneer groups, though gathered around shared affinities and interests, will use the weekly Village Group Discussion Sheet as a guide for their gathering.


  1. Settler Village Groups

    Settler Village Groups are built according to a common shared location and neighborhood. Because the Eden Village family is a ‘scattered church’ throughout Savannah, this type of group provides us the opportunity to gather in approximate areas for the purpose of discipleship. The objective of this group is to establish new relationships and strengthen existing ones with those who live around and near our homes and local places.


    Just as Pioneer Village Groups have certain requirements and specifications based on their missional objective, Settler Village Groups gather pertaining to specified neighborhoods. If you live in an area or neighborhood with an existing Settler Village Group, for reasons of convenience, we encourage you to attend the one closest to you location. Settler Village Groups use the weekly Village Group Discussion Sheet as a guide for their gathering.


Feel free to join in with the most convenient Village Group that meets closest to your home, so you can be enabled to partake with others in being missionaries together in your community. Please feel free to contact us through any of the provided methods HERE should you have any further questions.

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