Village Group Leaders and Locations

The following is a list of Village Group leaders, who are part of the Eden Village family, along with the areas in Savannah they represent. You are welcome to contact any of the Village Group leaders to learn more about their meetings, including what you can expect when attending a Village Group assembly. Village Group gatherings usually begin with a meal, so those gathered can commune before discussing and learning the Gospel of Jesus. You can also find out what days of the week meetings are held, what time during the day meetings take place, and how often meetings are held each month. 

As mentioned on the “Village Groups” page, there are two types of Village Groups – Pioneer and Settler. Volleyball Village Group, Service (A Cup of Water) Village Group, and Students Village Group are Pioneer Village Groups. Downtown / Midtown Village Group, Southside / Berwick Village Group, and Pooler / Port Wentworth / Guyton Village Group are Settler Village Groups. 


Downtown and Midtown Village Group Leaders:

Spinks                                    AllenJesseChilds

Craig & Megan Spinks          Allen & Jesse Childs
 Craig: 404.557.9593          Allen: 607.346.1940                                       


Pooler, Port Wentworth, and Guyton Village Group Leaders:



Phillip & Colleen Merritt
Phillip: 912.713.3615



Southside and Berwick Village Group Leaders:



Adam & Ashley Dedik
Adam: 267.421.3854


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